Ag-Tech Fund for the Midwest, By the Midwest

Working directly with producers to identify problems in the agriculture value chain and collaborate in developing innovative solutions


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Driving agriculture technology in the midwest


Provide the necessary resources both from a business and financial perspective to launch and grow these Ag-Tech start-ups into prosperous and successful ventures.



Provide new relationships and partnership to support and further develop the Ag-Tech investments.


Generate a social impact/return for the communities and regions the businesses are located by creating new employment opportunities and higher paying job opportunities.


Develop a forum for Ag-Tech entrepreneurs and executives to interact in sharing and explore ideas and challenges.


Create an Ag-Tech platform that will create new tech job opportunities, as well as, attract and retain tech talent in the Midwest.


Provide managerial direction and guidance to the portfolio companies through the investor base.


Burlington Capital
Invest Nebraska
Nebraska Tech Collaborative
The Combine



AG-VENTURE provides Ag-Tech entrepreneurs, engineers, and investors a platform to come together to create new ideas, develop different applications and innovative solutions to simplify and streamline the agriculture and food sector. We are more than a Venture Fund, and we add value far beyond money.


Based in the heart of the Midwest, our location is home to some of the most premier agricultural production in the world, which consistently impacts the global economy.


Our team is committed to creating a high-quality and respected agriculture technology ecosystem in the Midwest.


This fund leverages both private and public sector resources to founders and management.


The AG-VENTURE Fund has access to an extensive network that serves a collaborative effort to provide direction and guidance to founders.


The Management Team combines two Midwest organizations that have decades of experience in the ag-investment and startup space.


The fund leverages The Combine Incubator and the Ag-Tech infrastructure it provides. The Combine is a statewide initiative overseen by Invest Nebraska supporting high growth entrepreneurs in food and agriculture. The program consists of go-to-market support through mentorship and a capital readiness program, networking events, a group of partnering producers across the state, as well as incubation space on Nebraska Innovation Campus. In 2020 (The Combine’s first year) The Combine hosted the inaugural OnRamp Agriculture Conference with over 400 attendees joining in via Zoom, and it accepted six Ag-Tech companies into the program.

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